12 April، 2021

iOS 14 VS Android 11 – Features & What's New! | In-Depth Comparison [2020]

Apple just announced its new software for its products during the WWDC 2020 and there are many changes in terms of its features. Focusing on the iOS 14 Beta update, we decided to compare the new OS from Apple with Google’s Android 11!

iOS 14 VS Android 11!

Also, weeks ago, Google released the Android 11 beta for Pixel phones. It features a revamped notification system, a new power menu, and dozens of smaller tweaks.

In this video, we’re breaking down the differences between these two upcoming software updates and see what are the similarities between each other.

Check out the article we did on the iOS 14 VS Android 11 – https://productnation.co/my/tech/software-apps/28068/ios-14-vs-android-11/

Android 11 2020 Features – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVhj0dXp97M


– Widgets
– App Library
– Messaging
– Siri/Voice Assistant
– Notification Center
– Compact User Interface

Time Jumps:

0:00 – Introduction
0:12 – Widgets
01:30 – App Library
03:30 – Messaging
05:13 – Siri
06:30 – Notification Center
07:43 – Compact User Interface
08:10 – Picture in Picture
08:50 – Wrapping up

Presented and voiceover by – Umar

Edited by – Alex

Video credits: Apple, Apple Support, Beebom, mobiscrub, Marques Brownlee, The Verge, Tech Spurt, Techplughd & CNET.

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23 thoughts on “iOS 14 VS Android 11 – Features & What's New! | In-Depth Comparison [2020]

  1. What are your thoughts on the iOS 14 update? Do you think it's becoming more and more Android-like, or will Apple just do it better? Let us know down in the comment! Thanks for watching! ♥️

  2. There are many minor features on imessage and app clips etc..u didnt tell about that. And also ios 14 has back tap feature..do u aware about.if u make comparison u have to tell all the features. Now it feels u just tells features that available in android.

  3. You left out Google messages that is default messaging app on pixels and can be downloaded to any android phone. Has similar features to iMessage and is compatible with Samsung messaging as far as chat features between the two

  4. Nobody ever talks about App Clips that is way better than android do you not get that on android where you don’t have to go into the app and you can still get a lot of information without going into the app

  5. For Android Message, you neglected to mention that Google is working with all the carriers to implement RCS chat messaging. This will allow for many of the same features in Android that is found in iMessage.

  6. Thank you, nice job! Great comparison. I'm new to your channel… I'm glad to see new YouTuber! YouTube keeps surprising me!

    I'm one that uses both and I'm glad that Apple is making this changes although I'm not sure about the implementation I'm glad they are trying. Can't wait for the official beta to try it! 🤓

  7. Times like this I really miss Windows Phone because it was such a different experience than Android or iOS… Android and iOS are basically the same OS now with different colors and shapes SMFH

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