25 January، 2021


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24 thoughts on “MIUI 12 VS iOS 13 – COMPARISON

  1. For MIUI 12.
    I'm wondering, when you unlock the screen using your fingerprint does it "blink"? Close too looking like a flicker? Especially when you wake the screen first (without unlocking), then unlock it. Does it blink/flicker?

  2. Ios developed in china..how about that 🙄 also because of that reason… Those chinese developpers shared technology with each other like leaks…. Apple couldn't take any actions because apples biggest market share is in china…. Also thats why xiaomi making phone models similar looking as iPhone 4/5/6 from 2016/17/18 and continue….

    2. Apple is now using googles open source tech ..and implementing in their ios… Such as widget and stuffs…

    3. Google is implementing ios features such as air drop techs ( coming in android 11)

    Microsoft finally took google's open source chromium project to make a rip off of google chrome and finally making it as default browser in windows 10…

    Manufacturers are trying to give us the perfect advantages for evry users…

    Who the fuck are you guys to scream who is copying who??? Just use their products and learn to appreciate 🙄… Stop fooling around…

  3. You stay on the surface, I look like many people in this world though I actually have nothing to do with them. MIUI is offering characteristics that iOS users can only dream of.

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