28 October، 2020

iOS 14 (iPhone) Widgets vs Android Widgets – Which One Is Better?

iOS 14 has introduced widgets to the iPhones, something that Android has had for a LONG time. In this video, we will do a deep dive into iOS 14 widgets and compare them to Android 10 and Android 11 Widgets.

I want to see what is for customizable, personalisable, etc and how deep you can go with customization.

The iPhone is an 11 Pro Max with iOS 14 Beta
The Android smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with Android 10, 11.

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23 thoughts on “iOS 14 (iPhone) Widgets vs Android Widgets – Which One Is Better?

  1. As an android user I've got to say. The ability to have more choices gives more freedom but less of a clean experience. The widgets on the iPhone have a lot of thought put into them even if they are limited.
    Android needs to focus on being both clean and creative

  2. Widgets are only fun and makes sense if you’re a real iOS user and make your own “shortcuts”, it’s basically the same as android but without the childish launchers and themes, the gap is getting smaller as I look at my s20 and 11pro especially after Android got the new action blocks (iOS shortcuts). 2-5 more yrs the line will be so blurred. Especially as the droid users grow out of their preschool customization phase… Batman launchers 😂 bro you 30

  3. For iOS 14 widgets –

    The clock widget should be a circle, not a square, otherwise it looks way to big. I just tried it and actually laughed at the absurdity of it.

    The music widget needs to be a single row size with a small art preview and play pause skip rewind functionality.

    The calendar widget should display all days of the month in the 4 app size.

    The weather app should display more information and shouldn’t change colour so dramatically. If it’s a grey day I don’t want a huge grey square. I want a constantly blue square that shows a nice grey cloud graphic within it next to relevant information.

  4. The current IOS widgets look like a complete joke, barely any functionality and no way of setting them how you want.
    I guess a half assed effort is better than nothing.
    Give them 10 more years and they 'might' get it right.

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