28 October، 2020

Samsung One UI 2.0 – All New Gestures Android 10

Here are all the new gestures for the Samsung One Ui 2.0 running on the galaxy S10 plus, but it will also come to note 10, 10 plus, note 9 and much more.

Let’s dive in and discover the Samsung One Ui 2.0 with Android 10!

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32 thoughts on “Samsung One UI 2.0 – All New Gestures Android 10

  1. I'm using the new gesture like the iphone.

    But when I use it, I swipe up most of the times I get my recent tabs open and half the time I actually get to go home.

    Its so annoying when I swipe up I get my recent tabs open instead of going home.

    Am I doing something wrong.
    Anyway to fix this….m

    Please help.

  2. Not bad, almost as good as the iPhone X. The biggest difference is consistency, sometimes on Samsung you need to swipe twice and things like that, sometimes lift to wake also doesn't work, sometimes too slow, auto brightness the same, sometimes it works for days, and then one day it just goes super bright in a dark room for no reason. So that's the only thing missing on Samsung, consistency. Reliability. It needs to work 100% every single time.

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