29 September، 2020

iPhone (iOS) vs Android – iPhone is a MAJOR FAIL in Multi-Tasking Capabilities

iPhone (iOS) and Android are arch rivals. Two of the most popular operating systems in the world, yet with some fundamental differences. In this video, we will focus on iPhone and Android’s Multi-Tasking capabilities.

Phones used in this video are:

iPhone 11 Pro Max
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Let’s dive in.

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45 thoughts on “iPhone (iOS) vs Android – iPhone is a MAJOR FAIL in Multi-Tasking Capabilities

  1. IPhone has all that process power for no reason for 1 for no ram because iPhone can't do anything only 1 thing at a time so it doesn't need ram!!!! Another reason why it last longer too apparently can't do anything like driving a car only down hill for the entirely of its life

  2. Nice video.
    Apple does not care what u want. They do what that want.

    Android. Only upgrade their os, after checking what customers wants in a mobile. For me if not that iOS is more powerful when it comes to os android will be way better. And another thing iOS is 3 steps away from android.
    iOS 13 Vs android 10.

    Android 11 will be mad oooooo.

  3. When was the iPhone meant to be a multitask phone? If you want all that then get an android; preferably note10 but I guarantee you that 90% of android users do not multi window or multitask. It’s a cool feature to have but I see a lot of my friends that don’t even use any of those features, they basically bought it for just the quality and specs; vice versa iPhone. Please understand what device you choose to purchase and baby for the long road. And duh, why the hell would you want to multitask on the iPhone? I mean there’s jailbreaking and I’m sure they have those features.

  4. The one thing I will say about the iPhones is the Bluetooth connectivity. It’s better than my Galaxy S10+. I own a BWM and if anyone has a European car you’ll know there’s features that’s available in the BMW Connect with iPhone than is with the Android phones.

  5. I own the S10+ and the iPhone X. I finally figured out how to use the split screen feature and since then I haven’t used it. Idk I guess I just use the phone as is. Since you’ve already proven with the S9 and the S9+ are better phones than the iPhones, why bother do comparison videos on them? The Samsung phones are light years ahead than them so why not compare them to another Android phone because it’s evident the Apple phones are just generic overpriced garbage.

  6. I have definitely found this useful with these larger screens. I use Hulu/Netflix and a texting app top/bottom when I am gone for work. Wife wants to chat continuously so it it's great to keep both on screen so don't have to keep swapping back and forth.

  7. I don't actually use any of those features on my S10+. It's screen is just to small to actually make them worth using. On a tablet I think they're amazing. But on my phone I just don't see a need for them. I could go back to an iPhone and not miss those features at all.

  8. I've been an android user all my life (Samsung specifically), but I'm making the switch to iOS to try something new. I have to be completely honest in the fact that I don't use the multi-tasking abilities on android like I thought I would. I will miss certain aspects about android, but I am excited to try something different.

  9. The average user isn’t multitasking with their phone most use a tablet or laptop with their phones for other things. I use IOS because it’s buttery smooth and apps looks and functions better.

  10. wheres the dual screen on these phones ??? LG has one .the g8x i just got me one..now thats a multi tasker …. choice a… apple …choice b…. samsung .. both choices bad and dont offer another screen … that must be upsetting to apple and samsung users …. enjoy the pointless multi tasking comparison video

  11. I have an Android phone and to be honest I kind of agree and disagree with this. Yes, Android offers multi window so you can have two applications open at the same time. I do find that the iPhone runs more smoothly with multiple apps open in the background.

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