9 August، 2020

Android 10: New Gesture Navigation and Dark Mode

Learn how to get the latest version of Android 10 on your phone as well as how to enable the new gesture navigation and dark mode.

Link to Google Android brand update blog post: https://www.blog.google/products/android/evolving-android-brand/



35 thoughts on “Android 10: New Gesture Navigation and Dark Mode

  1. I pinned an app on screen after activating the new gesture and it stucked right there. There was no way back. I freaked out for a while. I hit restart and that turned out to be the only way to go back from it…pffft.. groundbreaking.

  2. Android 10 on my ROG PHONE II is SUCKS! it messed up all my gesture navigation! I hate navigation bar! I hate it! I like android 9 more.. I HATE ANDROID 10.. ANDROID 10 IS SO STUPID UPDATE I EVER HAD! FCCK ANDROID 10

  3. To be honest, I'm not at all sold on these gesture "innovations!"
    Talk about complicating simplicity.
    My cheapo Sony L3 is very unlikely to be updated to Android 10; it doesn't yet have Android Pie! But, thanks to this, I at least, know that I can retain "Ye Olde" nav buttons! 😉👍

  4. 1 thing which is stupid with "dark mode" is that on chrome, the google page is dark, as is the url bar. But then you search on it and everything is white except the url bar. What is the point of that?! Do they not understand "dark mode"?! Lol.

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